OH True Colours - Journey

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On September 2, 2017 GCH OH Maybe Forever II received a second in Group 2 at the Hawaiian Kennel Club the judge was Virginia Lyne.  On September 3, 2017 Maybe did take a Group 3

OH True Colours - Journey after his bath.

The pages of Enelrad Cavaliers Honolulu is growing.  Listed below is are pictures and information on Darlene's Cavaliers

Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers gave Darlene an   Award Certificate for GCH OH Maybe Forever II  who was the Number 1 Cavalier and Number 7 Toy Dog in  Hawaii for 2017.  

 Darlene won the award last year with her  "Enelrad's A Dream Within a Dream"- Morgan being the #1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Hawaii.

On October 1, 2017 at the Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Assn.  GCH OH Maybe Forever II took her third Group 2 .  The judge was Mrs. Sue Bownds.

On September 30,2017 at the Windward Hawaiian dog Fanciers Assn. OH True Colors - Journey took his first Group 2 .  The judge was Mrs. Gloria Geringer



in Hawaii.

It took a "village" or a team to make 2017 another great year.   They are looking forward to 2018



At the West Oahu Kennel Club's 100th. ALL BREED DOG SHOW held in January 2017,  CH OH Maybe Forever II was awarded Best of Breed and a Group 2 second place.  She became a "Grand Champion".  Maybe Forever was handled by Jeska Malia Smith-Fujimoto.  The judge was Mr. Michael Lancetot

GCH OH Maybe Forever II


John and Lee White living in Southern California with their

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and the WhiteHouseCA  RV