John and Lee White living in Southern California with their

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and the WhiteHouseCA  RV

Christmas is always special.  From the time my sister and I were little to now (I am 65 years old) I have always enjoyed Christmas.   My family had birthdays and weddings in December.   

Lee and I have always enjoyed the fun of getting ready for the Holidays.  This past year, like many we have three trees.  One for the boys,  a Hawaiian Tree with reminders of the years on Maui as well as the many trips to Hawaii before we move there and then we have our big tree which is made up of the 36 years of being married and our trips.

 I hope you enjoy seeing the WhiteHouseCa decorated for the Holidays.  We will be adding videos and pictures during the entire month of December..

Our friend and breeder (Darlene) of the first three Sirs gave the White House these items which remain out all year.

  WhitehouseCA Christmas 2017

Keep watching because we are almost ready for 2017

Photos will appear soon------

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