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Major was awarded WINNERS DOG on Sunday, August 11.  He turned 10 months old the following day.


Updated May 25, 2022


Sir Galahad (Major)

Cavalier King Charles


Sunrise from our backyard----Lucky us!

Over the past few years, we have highlighted Darlene Tsubota and her Enelrad Cavaliers located in Honolulu, HI.  As you can see, the time and hard work Darlene has given to the Cavalier Breed has paid off.  Her Cavaliers have garnered many accolades.  She maintains a conscientious breeding program, producing occasional litters for qualified adoption.  Darlene's years of experience and knowledge have only sharpened her dedication to excellence in all phases of Cavalier Breeding. It is a responsibility and charge she takes very seriously. 

Due to Darlene's dedication to preserving the Calvalier breed characteristics and producing healthy, well-socialized puppies the AKC gave Darlene Tsubota ENELRAD CAVALIERS the AKC BREEDER of MERIT award.

Over the past eleven years living in California, we have been asked so many times where did we get our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  The story begins while we were living in Maui.   Lee and I fell in love with the breed.   I asked who raises Cavaliers in Hawaii and was told by many , "you must only get one from the best breeder-Darlene Tsubota (Enelrad Cavaliers) in Honolulu".  Darlene's goal is to produce the nicest Cavaliers possible, balancing health, temperament, soundness and overall breed type in her home environment.  Hawaii Bred and Home Grown "GCHB Enelrad's A Dream within A Dream"  (known as Morgan to his fans- was the #1 Cavalier in Hawaii for 2016.  See pictures on the next page.  ALSO YOU MUST CHECK OUT THE #1 CAVALIER IN HAWAII FOR 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Can you guess the Breeder?  Yes Darlene is a "True Cavalier Breeder" and Cavalier lover.  AKC has award to Darlene the AKC BREEDER of MERIT award.

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TIP of the WEEK:

Say No to Plastic

Inexpensive plastic food and water dishes are durable and may seem like a good choice when you're shopping for basic necessities for your new pet. Unfortunately, using these dishes may increase your pet's risk of illness. Even tiny scratches or nicks in the plastic can harbor bacteria that may make your pet sick. Some animals may also develop allergies to plastic.

Stainless steel or glass dishes are a safer option. The materials resist scratching and damage and are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Remove leftover food and water from bowls every day, and clean the bowls with warm, soapy water. Bacteria can grow on any surface, even stainless steel or glass, without frequent washing.ph here.

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GUESS WHAT?? ENELRAD's MAYBE IT's TRUE (Major) will be 4 years old on October 12th

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Sir Galahad (Major)--Sir Richard--Sir Lancelot

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